Weekend greetings



It’s almost three or four weeks already that I keep waiting for the result of my blog that I submit at payu2blog. For all the bloggers out there, I know that you know already what I’m referring for. Anyway, after few weeks keep sending my follow-up e-mails; finally I got response today. And guess what the response was pretty good, they accepted my blog, wohooo…. Now I have three blogs that are currently active at payu2blog. To the stuff at payu2blog; thank you for accepting my blogs.

A busy weekend

Next week Tuesday is my flight going to Manila and like always, I want to be ready two days before my departure. I don’t want to forget some important stuff that I need to bring with me, so even though I will be staying there for two days, I make sure that my basic needs are with me. So this coming Sunday is a busy day for me, busy ironing my clothes and packing some stuff that I need. I hope it’s a nice weather next week, I cross my fingers that it’s a sunny day. It’s already two days that it keeps raining here in CDO, so I don’t know next week if it’s the same weather. Well, wish me luck for my flight next week. Have a nice day!

Watching tagalong movie

My family and I had a wonderful time watching a tagalong movie entitled ” Ang tanging Ina, last na to”. It’s a drama-comedy as the genre of the movie. This movie was the third part and the previous part, we saw that already. We were avid fan of this movie, but I heard that this part is already the last part. Well, it’s a happy ending, so that’s what we look forward. The “ang tanging Ina” movie, won several award during the Metro Manila Film Festival last December. And the main cast of the movie, Ai-Ai de las Alas, won the best acress award. Well, she deserved,…congrats Ms. Ai, we all happy for what you achieve.

Song for Teaching the Months of the Year

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